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 +# The DIY ISP initiative
 +The **DIY ISP initiative**,​ short for **Do-It-Yourself Internet Service Provider**, is a loose federation of small-scale ISPs from around the world. Its main goals are: facilitating communication between the various local ISP initiatives,​ providing technical and legal documentation,​ and helping the creation of new initiatives.
 +There are plenty of small, DIY, non-conventional (and mostly unknown) ISPs all over the world, which are worth knowing about. For the sake of decentralisation,​ there should be even more of them! Building an ISP from scratch is entirely within the range of motivated individuals.
 +Participating ISPs highly value transparency,​ [network neutrality](https://​​wiki/​Net_neutrality),​ and a respectful attitude towards their users (including privacy). For a more complete description,​ see [[Ethics]].
 +Most participants are not-for-profit,​ in the form of various legal entities (association,​ Eingetragener Verein, etc). For-profit structures are also welcome, provided they share the same [[ethics]].
 +The DIY ISP idea was launched in late 2012. It gained momentum near the end of 2013, thanks to a renewed interest at the [30th Chaos Communication Congress](https://​​congress/​2013/​wiki/​Main_Page).
 +## Resources
 +Want to know more about DIY ISP?
 +* [Taziden'​s talk on DIY ISPs](http://​​congress/​2013/​Fahrplan/​events/​5391.html) at the 30th Chaos Communication Congress. You can [watch the 30-minute video online](http://​​browse/​congress/​2013/​30C3_-_5391_-_en_-_saal_6_-_201312291130_-_y_u_no_isp_taking_back_the_net_-_taziden.html).
 +## Forms of DIY-ISPs
 +The term *ISP* can refer to a lot of organisations with different goals and 
 +services. Here, we want to use the term broadly, including
 + * providers reselling DSL contracts, but maintaining their own infrastructure
 + * providers offering wifi networks
 + * providers offering services on top of the Internet like mail, web, jabber
 + * providers offering VPN connections
 +Have a look at [[services]] for what kind of services it might be desirable to offer as a non-profit ISP.
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