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Tools for cartography and mapping


Planning tools for wireless networks

  • Celutz: Tool to visualize and geo-reference panoramic photos. Useful to plan line-of-sight wireless links, and approximate the location of potential wireless subscribers. Written in Django.
  • HeyWhatsThat: Online tool to create coverage maps. Has also for LoS calculations.
  • HeyWhatsThat Path Profiler: Online tool to check the topographic profile between two given points.

Wireless community networks

  • LibreMap : nice tool for mapping wireless routers and links, designed for wireless community networks. It has a nice API, integrates well with OpenWRT, supports replicating throughout multiple instances. Code at GitHub.
  • nodewatcher, an open source network planning, deployment, monitoring and maintenance platform with emphasis on community. Provides also mapping module.
  • Nodeshot: born out of, it allow users to map geographical data, contact one another and stay up to date with what happens in the community. A live instance of the new development version can be seen at
  • WiND: WiND is a Web application targeting at Wireless Community Networks. It was created as a replacement for NodeDB by the members of Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network (AWMN) located in Athens, Greece. A live instance can be seen at AWMN and at Community Network

Comparison of mapping softwares for community networks

Comparison done mostly by Al, in 2014:

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