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 +===== DIY-ISPs with LIR status =====
 +In the community there are some ISPs that have LIR status. They may offer services as LIR to other DIY-ISps. An incomplete list:
 +* [[https://​​membership/​indices/​data/​at.funkfeuer.html|FunkFeuer]] (Austria)
 +* [[https://​​membership/​indices/​data/​es.guifi-net.html|]] (Spain)
 +* [[https://​​membership/​indices/​data/​fr.gitoyen.html|gitoyen]] (France)
 +* [[https://​​membership/​indices/​data/​fr.tetaneutralnet.html|]] (France)
 +* [[https://​​membership/​indices/​data/​de.freifunkrl.html|Freifunk Rheinland]] (Germany)
 +* [[https://​​membership/​indices/​data/​de.ecom.html|In-Ulm]] (Germany)
 +* [[https://​​membership/​indices/​data/​ch.openfactory.html|Openfactory]] (Switzerland,​ Serbia)
 +===== To be documented: =====
 +* Role of IANA, the different RIR, LIR
 +* How to get an AS number?
 +* How to get IP (v4/v6) ranges?
 +* Does becoming LIR brings any advantage? How much does it cost?
 +* Difference between PI and PA allocation
 +There might already be some good explanations out there, we might not need to reinvent the wheel.
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