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Do-It-Yourself Internet Service Providers

This wiki is a place for developing the DIY ISP initiative.

It is intended to be a technical resource for new and existing small-scale ISPs from around the world. Creating an ISP from scratch is not so hard!

If you haven't already, read more about the DIY ISP initiative, and look at the existing communication tools.


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Similar projects


The wiki is open to anyone interested. If you feel something is missing, please contribute!

Note: to create an account, please ask on IRC. If nobody is around, send your desired username and an email address to one of the wiki admins (gnrp, taziden, zorun…).

This wiki is a Dokuwiki with Markdown syntax. If you encounter errors, please tell gnrp (on IRC) about them.

This wiki is intended for sharing resources. If you are a designer, sys- or netadmin, developer, or you just want to help somehow – every kind of help is appreciated. And a small DIY provider is a good chance to learn doing things. Just ask on IRC (and have some patience), there might be ISPs who could need your assistance, or there is even an ISP already close to you where you can drop by.


This section is intended for international inter-ISP communication. Issues like acquiring a large IP subnet, good reselling contracts or good buying options will be much easier if we are many. There is no reason that every ISP has to pay a single lawyer to create terms of services, such things could be shared. The same holds for designers – if there is a designer who likes the idea of autonomous Internet, maybe he wants to help more than one ISP?

In the end, this is one of the main purposes of the wiki: Communication! There are so many small ISPs in Europe, but they don't communicate with each other, in most cases, don't even know about each other. Let's start by building a list of ISPs which are or were already existing.

Once we got connected, we should think about different forms of organising. A carrier organisation where to meet in, which could maybe also be part of other organisations or work together with them (RIPE, FSFE?, EDRi?) to have better conditions of buying things, becoming a LIR, etc. As Germans are involved, there will surely be a DIY ISP congress soon.


What is the ethical framework? Which goals do we want to achieve? In the end, why don't we just go to one of the great ISPs and buy the services there instead of making the hassle of operating our own? Find a list of reasons here.

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