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The DIY ISP initiative is supported by the following groups or organisations:

Feel free to add your group or organisation to this list, whether formal or informal.

Meta-list of DIY ISPs and community networks

Or: why make a list ourselves when many people do it already?

See also Resources related to DIY ISPs for interesting projects.

General DIY ISP projects

Wireless community networks

List of DIY ISPs

This list is not the best way to recense ISPs, as it will eventually deprecate itself. Please add your ISP to instead (or the upcoming instance hosted on

Name Country City/Region Status Services
Bürgernetz Dresden Germany Dresden Active Wifi
Boerde Germany Magdeburg Active
Franken Germany Franken Active
IN-Berlin Germany Berlin Active DSL, VPN, Wifi, Colo, Web, Mail, News, XMPP, UUCP
IN-Chemnitz Germany Chemnitz Active Web, Mail, News, Colo
IN-ULM Germany Ulm Active
FREE! Germany Dortmund Active
Neutrinet Belgium Brussels Building Up
Selfnet Germany Stuttgart Active
Toppoint Germany Kiel Active UUCP, News, Mail, Web, VServer France Toulouse Active DSL, wifi, hosting
OVNet Germany (Bergkamen)-Overberge building UP
Westnetz Germany Leipzig Active
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